K-12 Schools

Affordable Design Software for Your Entire School

Bring the power of professional design and publishing software to your entire school — or your school district — at one affordable price!

With Quark’s school licenses, you can use QuarkXPress in your classroom or across your school, from vocational, design and yearbook classes to math, history, foreign languages, and more.

  • Licenses start at just $55 excl. VAT per user (minimum 2 seats)

The licensing format is perpetual and is not cloud or internet based. It is installed directly to the end users computer. This license comes with 60 days of free technical assistance through the self-service support portal. Additional technical support plans (6 and 12 months) are available for purchase through the Quark store.

Plus, one serial number and one license make managing your classroom or school license easy!

Program Benefits: Cost Savings

  • Save over 90% off the commercial list price through volume licensing
  • No complicated points structure or discount levels to maintain allowing your organization the security of low pricing at all times

Software Management

  • Easy Activation
    Easily activate your software with a single serial number that can be applied on a specified number of school computers
  • Electronic Software Delivery
    Increased efficiency of license deployment with free-of-charge Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) upon request
  • Cross-platform Support
    All QuarkXPress education licenses include cross-platform serial numbers (macOS and Windows), so it’s easy to switch platforms if your needs change

Customer Support: We’re Here for You

  • All Quark Education licensing purchases include unlimited technical support by phone, e-mail and chat, access to our online Knowledgebase and Self-Service Portal 24x7.

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