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Directories and Yearbooks

Automate the Publishing of Directory-style Documents

Laying out directories and yearbooks is often an exercise in repetition, with page after page of similar layouts. With QuarkXPress®, you can simplify repetitive steps — and spend more time on design — by using master pages to control and place common elements, tables to build grids containing pictures and descriptions, and style sheets for text- and item-level continuity.

QuarkXPress has advanced publishing tools that enable you to develop a master style that can be automatically applied to text on import. Newly enhanced style sheet controls further reduce the effort needed to apply text attributes to paragraphs, pages, and documents.

Consistent Style from User to User

Job Jackets® ensure that your entire workgroup stays on-point with consistent project requirements — from color to font, from page size to output, and from hyphenation and justification rules to style sheets. If your house styling rules are broken, Job Jackets can catch the error long before press time.

Indices and Tables of Content Improve Document Navigation

Creating a beautiful yearbook, directory, or catalog is only the first half of your publishing project. Once the pages are complete, you need to give the reader tools for easy navigation.

Tables of contents and indexes can make all the difference. With the Lists feature, you can use style sheets to automatically create a multi-level table of contents. The Index feature lets you tag words for inclusion in an automatically generated index.


  • Master pages let you control common elements from page to page and section to section
  • Style sheets can be applied to text manually or during import
  • Tables make page grids simpler and support both pictures and text
  • Job Jackets ensure that house specifications are followed
  • Automatic indexes and tables of contents improve reader navigation

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