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Catalogs and Circulars

Limitless Design Flexibility

QuarkXPress® offers limitless design flexibility, to help you create compelling catalogs and circulars that promote and sell your products. You can place pictures, import or enter text, apply special effects, and precisely control styling.

With third-party XTensions software, you can assure consistency between source data and your QuarkXPress layouts by maintaining a live connection to your product database. And even though the data is synchronized, the design remains fluid, creative, and flexible.

Multiple Layouts Make Versioning Easy

Often, you have to create multiple editions of a catalog or circular, for different languages, pricing models, currencies, colors, or page sizes. QuarkXPress lets you store multiple layouts in a single QuarkXPress project, and even lets you synchronize content between those layouts, thereby reducing the time spent editing and tracking changes that affect multiple editions.

Document-building Tools Save Production Time

QuarkXPress is brimming with tools that speed document production, such as style sheets, item styles, master pages, automatic page numbering, guides and grids, object-alignment tools, tables, indexes, tables of contents, and much more. It’s like having a well-stocked tool belt.


  • Professional tools for styling text, items, pictures, and pages
  • Pictures stay with descriptive text when anchored, maintaining perfect text flow
  • Tools to position and align objects let you create well-placed and perfectly-spaced objects
  • Third-party XTensions offer dynamic connections to data sources
  • Multiple layouts let you manage multiple editions of a document in the same project file
  • Composition Zones® enable collaboration within teams
  • Item styles maintain consistency and make it easy to change objects

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