Mac App FAQs

Yes. We introduced QuarkXPress in the Mac App Store last year. As some of our customers have asked for subscriptions, and QuarkXPress sold by Quark and authorized resellers is a perpetual license. Therefore, exclusively in the Mac App Store, QuarkXPress is now available as a subscription; offering both monthly and yearly options.
The subscription in the Mac App Store (MAS) ensure that you always have the current version of QuarkXPress, as long as the subscription is active.
Currently in the Mac App Store we are offering QuarkXPress 2018. Once QuarkXPress 2019 is released, in July 2019, you will have access to it via the Mac App Store. If you have a current Mac App Store QuarkXPress subscription, you will get QuarkXPress 2019 automatically when it is released.
Yes, but we are trying to keep feature parity between the Mac App Store edition and the one that we sell direct and through resellers, however Apple's Mac App Store submission guidelines required some minimal feature changes:
  • Requirement to define at least one “work folder” beforehand
  • No Auto Update by Quark (updates will be pushed via the Mac App Store)
  • Does not support direct exporting eBooks in the Kindle format (*please see the workaround in the FAQ below)
  • Java Scripting is not supported due to Apple App Store guidelines/API limitations which we are working to resolve soon.
  • Path of Preferences/XTensions and all other dependencies moved to Containers Path (file system)
  • File Import works in Column view on Mojave with mouse click only
  • Cache Cleaner Tool not available
  • Support only available via email
See the full version comparison here.
The Mac App Store edition includes email support. If you experience issues, please write to
The Mac App Store requires applications to be deployed in a “sandbox”, which means that an application cannot access data outside folders that you allow it to see. By defining one or more workfolders, you provide a workspace where QuarkXPress can access files (including all sub folders). If you don’t do that, QuarkXPress will not be able to access files outside of that sandbox even though you will see those files in Finder.
Therefore we recommend to define your user folder as a “workfolder” and all external drives (network drives, USB drives etc.) as workfolders.
With the QuarkXPress subscription option, you are entitled to upgrade to latest/current version of QuarkXPress when made available in Mac App Store as long as the subscription is active.
Once your subscription has expired, you will not have access to QuarkXPress anymore. If you are interested in owning a license, please buy QuarkXPress directly from Quark or any authorized reseller.
Yes, you can, as long as you use the same Apple ID. Our license allows two installations and non-concurrent usage.
Yes, you can export for Kindle, there just isn't a direct 'Kindle export' output. That would require QuarkXPress calling the external KindleGen app, which is prevented by the sandboxing of the Mac App Store. However, you can export an eBook in the ePub format,and publish directly to Amazon. If you wanted to convert directly into the Kindle format yourself, you can use KindleGen as a separate app, which is a free download by Amazon
Yes, a fully functional trial version of QuarkXPress can be downloaded directly from our website. The trial version gives you the opportunity to confirm that the software does what you want it to do it, and to compare it to software from other manufacturers. The trial installation however can be easily be unlocked once you purchase from Quark directly using a serial number and validation code so in this case don’t need to download install the app again.
The Mac App subscription to QuarkXPress offers you free trial days to test and you will have an option to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends.
The Mac App Store edition of QuarkXPress cannot be combined with other offers available outside of the Mac App Store.