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Easily Create Unique Shapes

The QuarkXPress® ShapeMaker™ feature lets you create unique and useful shapes using configurable waves, polygons, stars, spirals, and more. All settings are highly customizable and can be saved as presets, and real-time previews make it easy to see what you’re creating. This is a feature you’ll have great fun experimenting with.

How it Works

  1. Specify what kind of shape you want to make
  2. Adjust settings such as phase, amplitude, orientation, number of sides, segments, smoothness, and more, with a real-time preview
    of your shape
  3. Click Create

At a glance:

  • Use sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, or random wave types
  • Create regular polygons, stars, polygrams, spirograms, random polygons, golden rectangles, and double squares
  • Control individual corners of a rectangular box with options such as rounded, beveled, concave, inset, and pointed
  • Use multiple linked text paths for standout text baseline effects such as wavy or angular text
  • Edit shapes with the ShapeMaker feature or the QuarkXPress Pen tools

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"ShapeMaker lives up to its name, enabling you to create complex shapes with a unique slider-based interface. Wavy shapes, polygons, spirals and rounded rectangles can be created with ease, but the fun part is experimenting with the tools."

— Rob Carney, MacFormat"