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Export to ePub and Kindle

What is ePub?

ePub LogoElectronic Publishing is an open standard for electronic books and Web publishing from the International Digital Publishing Forum (www.idpf.org). Introduced in 2007 as the successor to the Open eBook format, ePub documents are marked up in XHTML.

Source: PCMag.com

Convert Your QuarkXPress Layouts into Standards-compliant eBooks

With the QuarkXPress® eBook Export feature, you can easily convert your QuarkXPress print files into well-structured, reflowable eBooks for popular reading devices such as the iPad®, Sony® Reader, and NOOK®, or submit to Amazon for the Kindle.

Use Reflow view to extract text and pictures from your QuarkXPress layout and turn them into text and picture components, then order and tag the content for consistent display in the Amazon Kindle e-reader and any eBook reader that supports the ePub standard.

How it Works

  • Use Reflow view to assemble and preview a reflowable version of the text and pictures in your layout or create a new project specifically for ePub or Kindle export
  • Use the Reflow Tagging palette to tell the components of your eBook what they represent (headline, caption, body, etc.)
  • Optionally enhance with audio, video and hyperlinks
  • Export a standards-compliant ePub or Kindle file, ready for submission to online bookstores

At a glance:

  • Apply basic styling tags such as bold, italic, and underline
  • Automatically export pictures in eBook-compatible formats, using the cropping and scaling from your layout
  • Control the format and resolution of pictures in a reflow article on a global or picture-by-picture basis
  • Add audio, videos, and hyperlinks using the new ePub 3 standard
  • Configure a table of contents specifically for your ePub or Kindle e-book
  • Store export settings for ePub or Kindle e-books using output styles
  • Specify the default story direction and rubi format for East Asian ePub e-books

Additional Resources

International Digital Publishing Forum - developers of the ePub standard

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This seminar shows new users of QuarkXPress 9 how to create e-books for export in ePub 3 format, and shows existing users what's new in Version 9.2.

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