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Quark AVE Publishing

Create interactive content for the AVE Format

Quark AVE Publishing is an integrated set of tools that lets you create customized apps for the iPad, distribute those apps through the Apple® App Store, and then create and publish content (issues) that your customers can purchase or access for free from within the apps.

You can create as many issue files as you like in QuarkXPress and test them. Once you’re ready to publish an issue you need to purchase an AVE Publishing issue license pack.

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How it Works

Using AVE Publishing, you can:

  1. Design content (issues) with dedicated vertical and horizontal orientations and immersive interactive experiences in QuarkXPress
  2. Create your own branded app using Quark AVE AppFactory (included with QuarkXPress)
  3. Test your issue files using Quark AVE Issue Previewer on your iPad
  4. Easily manage and publish issues to your app with the Quark AVE Publishing Portal
  5. Optionally sell your content using in-app purchases and in-app subscriptions

Note that in order to publish an app live you will need to purchase a minimum of an AVE Publishing Issue License Pack and an AVE Publishing app template license from the Quark Store. You will also require the iOS SDK and an Apple developer account.

The user is solely responsible for publishing apps created with the AVE Publishing features. This process includes hosting app data subject to Aquafadas' hosting terms and conditions, the current version of which is located at http://www.ovh.com, and submitting your app to Apple Inc. All submissions to Apple are subject to Apple's approval.

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