Add Functionality and Features with XTensions

Customize QuarkXPress to Meet Your Exact Needs

QuarkXPress®, like its enterprise-level counterparts QuarkXPress Server and Quark Publishing Platform, is an extensible application. This means that you can add Quark and third-party XTensions software to enhance and customize QuarkXPress with features that specifically address the needs of the type of document that you are creating.

XTensions come in a variety of classifications and price ranges. Some XTensions are productivity tools appropriate for nearly all publishing tasks, such as Badia’s OpenNow Pro that enables you to open any QuarkXPress project’s picture with the application you choose and at the same time get detailed and comprehensive picture information. Once introduced to a high-pressure workflow, OpenNow Pro and other XTensions of this type can quickly become must-haves.

While there are a collection of XTensions that are simple and focused on just one or two feature enhancements, some XTensions are geared toward solving the more complex problems of a specific document type, such as Kytek’s Autopage, which auto-generates complex text books including sidebars, headers, footers, chapters, and more.

XTensions for Spelling and Common Typing Mistakes

Some XTensions are focused on the written word.

  • SpellBound XT from CompuSense enables you to load industry-specific and specialized auxiliary dictionaries such as those that include words for medical, pharmaceutical, legal, technical, dental, and Wall Street.
  • For the perfectionist in you, opt for the the American Heritage or Webster's dictionaries. AthenaSoft, a Greek developer, has a product called AutoCorrect XT that will mark your misspelled words and correct common typing mistakes as you type, much like the auto-correct feature in Microsoft® Word.

XTensions for Connecting QuarkXPress to Databases

Many XTensions provide a connection between Quark software and databases.

  • Xdata is used to auto-generate price lists and directories. This XTensions software enables you to import database text files into QuarkXPress and add style formatting on the fly. This is perfect for price lists, phone books, and other types of directories.
  • CopyFlow Gold provides a connection too, but for this product, the connection is designed to be a roundtrip. Using CopyFlow Gold, you can import text into a QuarkXPress project from a text file (perhaps generated by a database), make edits, and then export it back to the same format. The best part is that the text can be tagged with QuarkXPress tags in order to ensure that the roundtripped text comes back in exactly the format in which it was exported.

Auto generation of complex catalogs is critical to deadline-driven production environments. Products such as Xcatalog and DATAform make this process manageable, efficient, and most importantly, quick.

Linking to all sorts of data sources, you’ll never again have disparate database and QuarkXPress content. Not only do these XTensions make the generation of the catalog painless, they also ensure parity by syncing the content between the source and destination.

Enhancing PDF Generation and Print

Nearly every print workflow can benefit from XTensions as well.

  • MadeToPrint XT (made by axaio software) provides a host of tools that enhance PDF creation, optimize other print processes, and even provide imposition features.
  • Take a look at Annotator from Xinet, which works in conjunction with their FullPress print queues and that will enable you to create PDFs that contain interactive links to images residing on the FullPress/WebNative server.

Worldwide Advantage

XTensions are not just for English-speaking countries. More than two-thirds of the third-party XTensions developers are based outside the US and many of them are developing products specifically for their markets or for end users who are publishing documents designed for consumption by those countries. Take, for instance, Layout, Ltd., a company that has been building Arabic support for Quark software for many years — perfecting the features that enable you to create documents in Arabic, creating content in a right-to-left format.

Wherever you are in the world, on whatever type of document you are working, Quark software and XTensions will make it easier, more productive, and more accurate.


  • There are thousands of XTensions solutions for Quark software
  • XTensions enable you to customize Quark software to meet your exacting requirements
  • Support for Mac and Windows users, across the globe
  • Distributors around the world make it easy to find and buy
  • Solutions for workflow, productivity, text content, printing, and more

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