Check out the Most Recent Updates to Docurated

Docurated is the sales enablement platform that lets sales teams find, customize and share content —fast. Simultaneously, marketing is empowered to measure content usage and effectiveness to see how their work is driving revenue.

Unlike any sales enablement solution available, Docurated integrates directly with Quark’s end-to-end solutions for content creation, automation, publishing, distribution and predicting. See how Docurated makes it easy for your sales team to find, create and share personalized content at every stage of the buyer journey.

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Integrations: Share Content from Microsoft Outlook

Docurated's Outlook Plugin lets users select and share content directly within a new email. Users click the Docurated icon in the email tool bar and search for specific content – or choose from recommended content based on the recipient. Simply click the most relevant content and you’re ready to send. Plus, once shared, engagement with your content will be tracked to show who views the content, how it’s shared, and more.

Integrations: Share Content from Salesforce

Help your sales team find the best content for each sales opportunity quickly and with confidence. Within a Salesforce opportunity, users can click the Docurated widget and see content recommended based on opportunity data, related accounts and contact information saved within Salesforce. Once identified, content can be shared and presented directly from Salesforce and all engagement with the content will be tracked.

Ease of Use: Enhanced User Experience (Coming Soon)

It's now even easier to find and share content. An intuitive UI guides you through searches for specific content or you can browse recommended content by topic. Searches can be filtered by date, team, and topic and then, and in a matter of a few clicks, shared with a personalized email that includes a trackable link.

Ease of Use: Mobile App Ensures On-Demand Access to Content

Stay connected to content – even on the road. With the mobile app for Docurated, your team will always have the ability to search for, personalize and share content from their connected device. Plus, it’s easy to save content to "My Library" for quick access when your device is offline.

Designate Internal-Only Documents

Simple tagging settings ensure internal content is protected. When tagged “Internal Only,” external sharing is disabled and content can only be shared with users within the same system.

Direct Video Support

Search videos based on metadata and play, share and present videos seamlessly with Docurated. Plus, with video sync, be confident you’re watching and sharing the latest version of your video file.

Prepare Content Collections

In many cases, a sales rep will provide a variety of content to a prospect or a customer in one meeting. With Docurated, it’s now possible to organize multiple content assets and content types – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Audio/Video – into a collection that can be easily shared and presented.

Share Links with Content Titles

Sales teams share content with customers and prospects through Docurated links. When Docurated links are shared, all engagement with the content is tracked and recorded. Now it’s possible to copy links with the title of the content included when shared.