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Quark Publishing System Adapter to Microsoft SharePoint

Add a Dynamic Publishing System to Your Enterprise Content Management and Workflow System

Do you use or plan to use Microsoft® SharePoint® as your enterprise-wide content management and workflow system? Do you have separate systems and tools for your publishing or Creative Services team? If so, then Quark can help you connect your SharePoint system to a dynamic publishing system to deliver the maximum benefits afforded by both enterprise solutions.

Business-wide Needs

Did You Know?

Content management systems and digital asset management systems have few, if any, publishing capabilities, and require expensive integration with publishing systems in order to output high-quality, professionally designed content.

Also, other publishing systems offer no or rudimentary integration with SharePoint, which makes these systems islands within organizations.

The process that organizations use to create and deliver their communications is called publishing. During the past 20 years, publishing has become increasingly complex as organizations support more products, in more variations, for more finely-targeted markets, in more regions around the world, with shorter product lifecycles than ever before.

To serve these needs and communicate across print, the Web, and digital devices, businesses must find ways to improve their publishing processes and improve time-to-market, increase quality, and make their information available on all media while maintaining or even reducing expenses.

Much of the answer to this dilemma lies in adopting a dynamic publishing solution to streamline and automate their processes. However, publishing all of the communications an organization requires is not a departmental problem; it requires knowledge workers and subject matter experts across the business.

A Business-wide Solution

To address a publishing process that spans multiple departments, changes are needed at the enterprise level. This is where Quark comes in: Quark provides an adapter that connects Quark Publishing System with Microsoft SharePoint, delivering all of the capabilities of a dynamic publishing solution to the enterprise-wide SharePoint environment.

Quark's solution provides several important benefits:

  • You can reduce publishing costs by enabling knowledge workers to publish directly from the SharePoint user interface with little or no intervention by the publishing or Creative Services team.
  • You can eliminate content redundancy by managing all content and assets — including publishing and creative assets — in a single enterprise repository, so you can publish accurate content more quickly and more frequently.
  • By using the dynamic publishing capabilities of Quark Publishing System, you can increase customer satisfaction by publishing information the way your customers want it: To print, the Web, and digital devices.

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Why Quark?

Only Quark offers a complete dynamic publishing platform that is directly integrated with the most widely used content management and business collaboration platform, Microsoft SharePoint, delivering the maximum benefits afforded by both enterprise solutions.