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The App Studio Publishing Portal gives you the tools you need to manage your apps, titles, and issues — including when and where they get published.

App Studio Publishing Portal

The App Studio Publishing Portal is a free Web site that allows you to:

  • Connect your apps to your issues
  • Manage how long issues can be sold
  • Ensure customers that have downloaded your issues can restore those issue files should the need dictate e.g. if they had to replace their iPad

When you create your account, you can begin the process of defining your apps, titles, and issues (if you’re producing periodicals) or collections (for corporate or book publishers).

With the exception of single embedded issue apps where the app and issue are both hosted by Apple, App Studio lets you host your own issue files (content) for your app. This means there are no per download costs or monthly fees to pay to Quark. The issue file can be hosted on your existing Web server or a Web location of your choice.


While you can design and test your apps and issues for free, once you are ready to publish your apps and issues, App Studio requires the purchase of an app template license and an issue license pack. Both can be purchased from the Quark Store or through a Quark Authorized Reseller. You will also need to have an Apple iOS developer account.

For more information on App Studio costs see the pricing page.

Charging Models

If you plan to charge for your app or issues, you can configure your app for in-app purchasing or in-app subscriptions using the App Studio Publishing Portal and iTunes Connect (part of the iOS Developer Program). For larger organizations, 3rd party subscription services can be integrated through the App Studio Reader Framework (these purchases will still be subject to the Apple rules governing in-app purchases).

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