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App Creation for Everyone – No Coding Required

Using App Studio, you can easily customize the branding of iPad apps through two different offerings.

App Studio Factory

Quark App Studio Factory is a Mac OS software application provided with QuarkXPress 9.1 and later that takes the hard work out of app creation. When you launch App Studio Factory, select the app template you want and then customize it by inserting your own text and graphics with the App Studio Factory user interface.

App Templates

App Studio Factory provides a number of app templates that support different levels of customization, functionality, and design.

The four primary app template types are:

  • Single Embedded Issue – An app that includes content (issue) embedded within the app. Embedded issues are useful when you want to produce a standalone publication such as a cookbook or travel guide.
  • One Title, Multiple Issues – An app that supports a single title, such as a magazine, and multiple issues of that title. Supports in-app purchases and in-app subscriptions.
  • Multiple Titles, Multiple Issues – An app that supports multiple titles with multiple issues (e.g. a publisher that wants to have more than one magazine title in their app). Supports in-app purchases and in-app subscriptions. NOTE: This app type is only available with the App Studio Reader Framework (see below).
  • Bookshelf App – An app that includes a bookshelf that can contain multiple individual issues, such as a series of books or a collection of one-off publications. Supports in-app purchases.

More About App Templates
You can click on the various app templates in App Studio Factory for detailed descriptions of the supported functionality.

In addition to the app templates that come pre-installed in App Studio Factory, you can also download further app templates. App templates are free to try and once you’re ready to deploy your app, you can purchase an app template license from the Quark Store or through a Quark Authorized Reseller.

Apple’s Requirements
Even though App Studio Factory creates the app, you will still need to have Apple’s XCode installed and you will need to enrol as an iOS developer with Apple in order to submit your apps to the App Store.

App Studio Reader Framework

If you’re a larger organization or an agency working for multiple clients, you may want to create highly customized apps. In this case Quark also licenses a fully configurable App Studio Reader Framework. To more easily understand whether App Studio Factory or the App Studio Reader Framework is more appropriate for you, the following outlines the key differences between them.

Capability App Studio Factory App Studio Reader Framework
WYSIWYG app creation  
Create an unlimited number of apps for no additional cost  
Includes quick start templates
Customized app branding
In-app purchases
In-app subscriptions
3rd party ecommerce integration  
App Studio reader technology can be integrated with your existing apps  
Add your own custom functionality to your apps  
Use all of the App Studio Publishing Portal metadata within your apps  
Completely customize the navigation experience for your apps  
Create Multiple Titles, Multiple Issues apps  

In addition, as a large organization, you may want to look at some of the extra enterprise capabilities for App Studio when integrated as part of a dynamic publishing solution.

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