Solution Partners

Quark partners with providers of complete industry-focused solutions, system integration services, IT consulting services, and extended products that embed, build on, or integrate with Quark technology. Our partners include:
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Country Company Description Quark Products
Glemser Technologies Glemser Technologies is a leader in the life sciences industry, providing compliance IT solutions and services to global companies for improved product quality, regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies. Glemser’s content and quality management solutions and strategic consulting engagements drive client performance and minimize risk while bringing safer products to market faster and cheaper. Quark XML Author
Global Publishing Solutions Ltd (GPSL) GPSL are experts in content technologies and workflows that support the creation, management, and distribution of complex technical information and content. GPSL solutions have helped clients reduced costs by 60%, halved time to market/doubled delivery speed, and guaranteed consistency of quality. GPSL supports unique, complex and changing specifications, integrity of content, and compliance standards. Quark Publishing Platform, Quark XML Author
Sinfony Sinfony helps companies to save 2% EBIT, increase performance and compliance, and empower staff by simplifying documentation, improving training, and developing knowledge management. Sinfony helps clients completely refine the way instructional information is managed and uses a specific method called "From Brain to Hands" to mix business process management with best practices in training methodologies. Quark Publishing Platform, Quark XML Author, QuarkXPress
Stepnet Ingenierie Since 2000, Stepnet has developed and integrated IT solutions dedicated to corporate communication across a whole value chain, from the production of content to delivery. Quark Publishing Platform, QuarkXPress Server, QuarkXPress
CoDesCo CoDesCo has been a Quark partner for 30 years and has developed more than 800 XTensions and solutions for Quark's entires suite of products. CoDesCo focuses on the integration of translation management systems, the automation of publishing processes, and the development of use interfaces. CoDesCo operates globally, serving both small and enterprise customers, and offers 24x7x365 support. Quark Publishing Platform, QuarkXPress Server, QuarkXPress
Onward Technologies Limited Onward Technologies Limited (OTL) is a leading global player in mechanical engineering design and IT consulting. OTL helps global organizations address their engineering needs and challenges through a wide range of engineering design solutions and services that include product design, engineering analysis, manufacturing engineering solutions, engineering change management and technical documentation. Quark Publishing Platform, Quark XML Author, QuarkXPress
Canon Software Inc. Canon Software is a systems integrator and consulting firm that provides value-added and high-quality solutions to Japanese companies active overseas. The Canon team strongly supports customers' global business and aims to be a true partner, from the establishment of an IT infrastructure environment to the provision of various solutions, application development, maintenance, and support. Quark Publishing Platform, Quark XML Author, QuarkXPress
ECMsolutions-MetaStore Since 1990, ECMsolutions had specialized in streamlining paper and digital business information processes. ECMsolutions supports various organizations from SMEs to large enterprises with the effective deployment and support of its solutions. In the early years, ECMsolutions was a pioneer in the field of network Fax automation. Today ECMsolutions supports more than 700 organizations within the Benelux and beyond in the use and management of its solutions. Quark Publishing Platform, Quark XML Author, QuarkXPress
Consultoría Inusual Consultoría Inusual is a company integrated by technology and digital marketing specialists. With 25 years in the market, this company specializes in the implementation of technological solutions that allow automating content; development of web platforms suitable for carrying out digital marketing strategies; and directed consulting. Quark Publishing Platform, Quark XML Author, QuarkXPress, QuarkXPress Server
Horaper, Lda. Horaper is an Information Technology consulting services firm based in Portugal that specializes in optimizing publishing processes. Quark Publishing Platform, QuarkXPress Server, QuarkXPress
Artemis Consulting, Inc Artemis Consulting provides support to large federal agencies with modernizing their content management systems and collaboration platforms, such as Quark, Confluence, Drupal and WordPress, as well as leveraging our extensive experience with code versioning tools for real-time monitoring. We also help develop continuous integration, continuous delivery pipelines, and containerized (Docker) and cloud solutions. Quark Publishing Platform, QuarkXPress Server, QuarkXPress
Dakota Systems Dakota Systems helps global enterprises design and implement digital communication strategies that drive growth. Since 1999, they have been a trusted partner for global, engineering-driven brands. Using proven analysis and development techniques, consultants help digital marketers and technical communicators improve the quality, speed, and business impact of their digital communication. Quark Publishing Platform, Quark XML Author, QuarkXPress, QuarkXPress Server
DeskNet Inc. DeskNet has been a Quark development partner for nearly 25 years. DeskNet's SaaS platform ContentWelder™ enables marketing and sales to generate customized and personalized sales materials that adhere to brand and compliance requirements. With detailed analytics, teams are able to measure usage effectiveness to create meaningful connections with customers and prospects, as well as track costs. QuarkXPress, QuarkXPress Server