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QuarkXPress Maintenance Plans

Get the most out of QuarkXPress

If you’ve purchased or are considering purchasing QuarkXPress then you’re making a great investment. Make sure you get the most out of your investment with QuarkXPress Maintenance.

Available for purchase within 90 days of your QuarkXPress full license or upgrade purchase, QuarkXPress Maintenance protects your investment by providing you with:

  • Unlimited technical support
  • Free future upgrades of QuarkXPress*

Two QuarkXPress Maintenance options:

  • 12 months: $149
  • 24 months: $229

No contract required, purchase from any Quark Authorized Reseller or Quark Direct.

  • Receive future upgrades of QuarkXPress for free*
    Within your purchased Maintenance period, you can upgrade to future QuarkXPress versions without charge. For less than the cost of a current upgrade ($349) an annual maintenance plan $149/$229 gets you unlimited support and free upgrades during the maintenance contract period.

  • Unlimited help desk support for all technical issues
    With the QuarkXPress Maintenance all support is complementary. Technical support fees are $19.99 per incident without a support plan.

  • Use two versions of QuarkXPress concurrently (the two most recent versions only)
    With the Quark License Administrator (QLA) and QuarkXPress Maintenance, not only can you easily control user access but you can use two versions simultaneously.

One Time Support

  • $19.99 per single incident
    No contract required, just purchase from Quark eStore. See QuarkXPress single incident details below.

Support Plan Options:

  • If you have purchased or registered a supported product, you are eligible for free installation or activation support for the first 90 days.
  • Activation and Licensing inquiries are free on all current versions of QuarkXPress (newest version and one back). All other support queries require a single incident or a maintenance contract. This is applicable to App Studio general technical support as well and does not include any development or design work.
  • Support for EOL product line Activation and Licensing is available for a single incident fee.
  • A single incident ticket is NOT applicable for active or end-of-life (EOL) incidents related to Quark Enterprise Solutions, including Quark Publishing Platform, Quark XML Author and QuarkXPress Server.
Product Line > QuarkXPress App Studio
  Single Incident Annual Single Incident Bronze Silver Gold
Pricing $19.99 12-month plan: $149
24-month plan: $229
$19.99† FREE $299 per month
(Cost is per publication)
$699 per month
(Cost is per publication)
Support Hours 9X5 Local Time 9X5 Local Time 9X5 Local Time - 9X5 Local Time 24X5
Phone Call Back Only Included Call back Only - Included Included
Tickets Included Included Included - Included Included
Chat Included Included Included - Included Included
Knowledge Base Access Included Included Included Included Included Included
Major Product Upgrades N/A Included N/A N/A N/A N/A

† Assistance with App Submission, training, design or creative work is NOT included in App Studio single incident plan.

Note: Local time applies to America & Europe.

Renewal Reminders and Updates

Part of the service the Quark team provides you are reminders and updates about both your QuarkXPress Maintenance and other QuarkXPress updates. Rather than have to remember to renew your Maintenance, you will receive an email notification when your contract expires. Additionally, Quark will ensure that you receive any QuarkXPress upgrades that are available during the term of your QuarkXPress Maintenance. Upon the completion of your 12 or 24 month Maintenance plan, you can then choose to renew for an additional 12 or 24 months or cancel these services.

Terms & Conditions:

QuarkXPress Maintenance is only available at the time of purchase or, if you provide proof of purchase, within 90-days of the date of purchase of QuarkXPress 10. After this 90-day period you can only add QuarkXPress Maintenance when you upgrade to the next version of QuarkXPress. QuarkXPress Maintenance can only be added to the latest version of QuarkXPress so if you own a version of QuarkXPress other than the latest one, you must first upgrade it before you can add QuarkXPress Maintenance. Customer is responsible for all taxes, shipping, and handling. Quark reserves the right to change the product box, inclusions in the product box and the benefits of QuarkXPress Maintenance at any time. Contact Quark for more information. Please note that if you are using a version of QuarkXPress prior to QuarkXPress 10, the system requirements for QuarkXPress 8 may differ from your current version of QuarkXPress. Click here to view the QuarkXPress 10 system requirements.

*released during the term of your QuarkXPress Maintenance only

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