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Spanish publishing Group Editorial Prensa Ibérica uses QuarkXPress 7 and QuarkXPress Server 7 for all its publications

Publishing Group Editorial Prensa Ibérica (EPI) that operates across most of Spain has bought ten QuarkXPress Server licenses and continues to upgrade its 850 QuarkXPress seats to version 7.

VALENCIA (SPAIN) - 5/22/2008 -

Quark Inc. announced today that one of Spain’s largest publishing groups, Editorial Prensa Ibérica (EPI) has acquired ten QuarkXPress Server licenses and will continue to upgrade its existing 850 QuarkXPress seats to version 7.

From publishing house to media group
Established in 1978 following the acquisition of Editorial Prensa Canaria, the Group officially changed is name to Editorial Prensa Ibérica in 1984. Today, EPI produces 16 daily newspapers, three magazines, and owns two publishing houses (including Allison & Busby in London) and television and radio stations in 17 of Spain’s autonomous regions.

"We started out with Quark Style - a light version of QuarkXPress - for editors and QuarkXPress 3.0 for layout and pre-press staff," recalls Manuel Alonso Martí, Southern Europe IT systems manager for EPI’s technological subsidiary, Recurso en La Red. Following EPI’s satisfaction with the power and stability of QuarkXPress, the Group continued to buy additional licenses and by 2000 had approximately 850 seats. "Late 2006, we started to upgrade to QuarkXPress 7. Today, 70% of seats have been upgraded and the rest will follow in 2008."

Ten QuarkXPress Server 7 licenses for greater automation
In addition to upgrading its workstations, EPI also bought 10 QuarkXPress Server 7 licenses in 2007 and these are currently being deployed at the Group’s key production sites.

QuarkXPress Server 7 was integrated into Redactor, the publishing system introduced by Recursos en La Red, for managing the workflows for the Group’s publications. "QuarkXPress Server 7 has significantly improved repetitive and unqualified tasking which up until then had been done manually and was a error prone process." explained Manuel Alonso Martí.

QuarkXPress Server 7 can automatically generate thumbnails of page layouts created under various Redactor tools (assembly, layout, workflows) in JPG and PNG format and integrate non-text elements (images, graphics and advertisements) in PDF format. It also standardizes layouts for each publication’s format and checks the page geometry, extracts text blocks for insertion in digital editions and generates PDFs for each output channels: rotary, library, web, etc. "Other functions are currently being developed in response to the requirements of the papers using the Redactor system." he added.

Optimised workflows
EPI has optimised its workflows thanks to QuarkXPress Server 7. "All the production processes are now managed by a single system, which makes it faster, more efficient and reduces errors. All in all, it significantly reduces the time it takes to produce a finished page."

Manuel Alonso Martí is full of praise about the way QuarkXPress Server has been integrated into EPI’s publishing systems. "Thanks to Server, we have managed to minimise the number of human errors made during the production process. We have therefore been able to redeploy the staff responsible for such tasks to quality control within the production process as is the case for more elaborate layouts for special publications, or to creating added value computerised graphic designs."

With its essentially cross media activities, EPI views QuarkXPress Server as providing additional leverage for expansion into new distribution channels. "Publishing companies are currently producing digital versions of their print publications. Most are content simply to release the print edition on the Net and to publish updates in their digital edition. QuarkXPress Server not only hugely simplifies the task but also makes it possible to create richer content, to produce a web edition that is different from the print edition yet of the same quality as the print version created using QuarkXPress."

About EPI
Editorial Prensa Ibérica is one of the largest regional press groups in Spain with offices in nine autonomous regions (Andalusia, Asturias, the Balearic peninsula, the Canaries, Castilla Leon, Cataluña, Galicia, Murcia and Valencia). Prensa Ibérica started out as a newspaper publisher but extended its activities to produce editorials, books and magazines and distribute newspapers, local television and radio stations. The group was created in 1978 following the acquisition of Editorial Prensa Canaria, but it only became known as Editorial Prensa Ibérica in 1984.

About Quark
Quark Inc. (euro.quark.com) provides desktop publishing and dynamic publishing software that help customers design and publish richly designed communications across a broad spectrum of media. Two decades ago, our flagship product - QuarkXPress ® - changed the course of traditional publishing. Today, not only does QuarkXPress continue to innovate in the desktop publishing market, but now Quark is revolutionising publishing again with Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution, helping customers cost-effectively meet enterprise-scale publishing challenges by extending the benefits of advanced technologies across the publishing process. Denver-based Quark Inc. is privately held.

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