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Graphische in Vienna Implements QuarkXPress 7 Across 600 Workstations

Austria's Most Famous College for Printing and Media Technology, Graphic and Communication Design, and Photography Chooses QuarkXPress 7 for education

HAMBURG, GERMANY - 5/21/2008 -

Quark Inc. today announced that Graphische Wien, Austria’s most famous college for printing and media technology, graphic and communication design, and photography is upgrading over 600 workstations to the latest version of QuarkXPress, in order to offer students the best possible training environment.

More than 1,000 students currently study at Die Graphische, which has been a leading institution in printing and creative education for over a hundred years. The college’s objective has been to discover and encourage talent in the fields of print technology, photography, art, design, and business. The close link between business and the creative liberties of a technical and artistic education has produced numerous prominent figures in the printing trade, designers and freelance artists.

Die Graphische and QuarkXPress - a long standing relationship
Die Graphische introduced QuarkXPress into its curriculum in 1992 with version 3. The graphic design department teaches students to use QuarkXPress for page layout, graphic and editorial design, CD cover, and advertising design.

Industry standard
"One of the tasks of higher education at Graphische is to offer a broad range of software training to our students," observes Karl Bernhard Kasché, a professor at Graphische who is also responsible for software acquisition. "Quark is among those manufacturers that have made significant contributions toward revolutionizing the work of designers as well as technicians involved in the preliminary stages of printing. Quite simply, QuarkXPress is the industry standard. In order to guarantee a high level of education for our students, and to ensure that they have an opportunity to learn the latest technology, we have decided to upgrade to QuarkXPress 7."

Intuitive tools
Learning to use QuarkXPress 7 is now mandatory on the curriculum at Graphische. "Both technicians involved in the preliminary stages of the printing process and graphic designers are required to master QuarkXPress 7", explains Karl Bernhard Kasché. "They will manage to do this more easily, the more intuitively they can use the tools which make their everyday working life easier. Problem-free transparencies, drop-shadows, PDF exports, integrating PSD images with layers, and the possibility of using Unicode and OpenType fonts, are among the functionalities which are particularly useful in the every day life of the user. Besides I’m personally looking forward to getting to know Quark Interactive Designer for Flash design."

Quark’s new training initiative
In early 2008 Quark redesigned its Education Scheme: students and lecturers can now buy individual licences for QuarkXPress 7 at a cost of only - £99 incl. VAT. Educational institutions can obtain for a minimum of 2 users licenses at a cost of - £50 excl. VAT per workstation. The new education initiative has been welcomed with delight by professors such as Karl Bernhard Kasché: "I think that Quark has recognized the signs of the times and in the field of education has given a visible sign of a new orientation to future clients. We look forward to developing this good basis for communication between Quark and Graphische further."

Matthias Gilke, Marketing Manager Quark Central Europe, explains: "Quark feels obliged to make its prize-winning layout and design software available to students and teachers at as reasonable a price as possible. We have therefore put together several new, extremely reasonably priced education packages so as to guarantee that young designers are equipped as well as possible as they launch their career in the field. Furthermore we have reacted to increasing demands and created the post of Education Manager. Oliver Wilke is now available as adviser and mediator for decision-makers in universities, schools and education sales as a direct contact for Central Europe."

For further details on Quark Education Schemes go to euro.quark.com/en/education

At http://www.ilovedesign.com/en/casestudies Graphische Wien and other leading organizations, businesses, and designers describe their work with QuarkXPress 7 in numerous case studies and give examples of their design work.

About Quark
Quark Inc. (euro.quark.com) provides desktop publishing and dynamic publishing software that help customers design and publish richly designed communications across a broad spectrum of media. Two decades ago, our flagship product - QuarkXPress ® - changed the course of traditional publishing. Today, not only does QuarkXPress continue to innovate in the desktop publishing market, but now Quark is revolutionizing publishing again with Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution, helping customers cost-effectively meet enterprise-scale publishing challenges by extending the benefits of advanced technologies across the publishing process. Denver-based Quark Inc. is privately held.

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