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DTS Medien uses QuarkXPress Server 7 for ISY3 Web-to-print solutions

Boosts speed, minimizes errors, cuts costs: Based on Quark's server technology, ISY3 optimizes the whole process of media production, integrating QuarkXPress Server 7 as OEM partner.

HAMBURG, GERMANY - 2/28/2008 -

Quark Inc. announced today that DTS Medien, an established company offering IT solutions to the print and media sector for more than 20 years, has developed a QuarkXPress Server 7 based Web-to-print application called ISY3. With QuarkXPress Server 7 and ISY3, the process of media production has become faster, making it easier to avoid errors and cut costs whilst also maintaining compliance with Corporate Identity guidelines.

This server-based solution gives users the opportunity to use QuarkXPress features in standardised procedures via their Web browser, without needing any specialist knowledge. ABICOR Binzel, a globally represented medium-sized business that specializes in the development and production of air-cooled welding and cutting torches, is adopting ISY3 as its translation management solution. QuarkXPress Server 7 and ISY3 are replacing very complex and current manual translation processes. Besides workflow and management functions, an essential feature of the new translation management system is the fact that translators, layout artists, proofreaders and others involved in the process can see a reliable preview of the translated document live at any time via the Web browser. This lets them switch at will between the current language version and the original master version. It is even possible to view both simultaneously in real time. Supervision and to-do list functions make it possible to carry out all working steps for the entire workflow (translation, layout, proofing) via the Web browser. In addition, users don’t need to work on native QuarkXPress documents, yet the design power of QuarkXPress 7 can be used to the full.

Also relying on ISY3 is Deutsche Genossenschafts-Verlag eG (DG VERLAG), partner and service provider for Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken (banking houses), for goods- and service-providing cooperatives, and for the enterprises in the main German cooperative association. The Wiesbaden-based media, trading and IT consultancy firm has integrated the new Web-to-print solution into its "GenoBuy" Internet platform. It thereby enables its clients to produce printed material that are compliant with Corporate Identity guidelines, such as ads, brochures and flyers, and other high-quality customised communication devices, using a simple Web browser and without any knowledge of QuarkXPress, in no time at all. These materials can be produced straight away without any additional manual operations or corrections. Quark’s server technology and ISY3 take care of process optimisation and standardisation.

Thomas Eusterholz, CEO of DTS Medien, on Quark’s server technology: "The fundamental argument in favour of choosing QuarkXPress Server 7 as the basic technology was our clients’ desire to use QuarkXPress 7 for creative document design. Reasons such as performance and stability were also points in favour of Quark’s server technology, along with the excellent API for integration into the particular IT environment in question. Quark’s support at all levels - from sales to development - is exemplary; challenges are mainly resolved quickly, without any red tape and in keeping with the project."

Marko Pagel, partner manager Central Europe at Quark, comments: "On the one hand, working processes in many sectors are becoming increasingly complex; while on the other hand, they have to be dealt with more quickly, cheaply, and to certain standards. The combination of products and add-ons in the ISY3 software suite make client-specific solutions possible for virtually every sector of media production - making even extremely individual applications available as standard. In this way, DTS Medien is taking current sector trends into account and delivering outstanding tools for cost-effective media production."

About DTS Medien
ISY3 is produced by DTS Medien AG. DTS Medien AG, based in Herford, Germany, is an established IT solutions provider with over 20 years’ experience in the print and media industry. The company employs some 95 staff, including 45 software developers. With its youthful team DTS Medien works day-by-day on innovative applications for automating, standardising and optimising media production processes. This expertise comes together in the ISY software developed by DTS Medien. ISY is now available in its third generation as the standardized software suite ISY3 and has been successfully implemented by more than 450 clients all over the world.

Further information on ISY3 Software Suite is available at http://www.isy3.com.

About QuarkXPress Server 7
QuarkXPress® Server 7 is a technology for dynamic publishing, which combines the high-quality typography and graphics support of QuarkXPress 7 with server-based performance. Partners and clients use QuarkXPress Server 7 and a Web browser or XML data to implement dynamic solutions for Web-to-print, database publishing or variable data publishing (VDP).

Further information on QuarkXPress Server technology is available on the Quark web site at http://euro.quark.com/de/products/server7/.

About Quark
Quark Inc. (euro.quark.com) is an innovative software company providing design, production, and collaboration solutions that are transforming the business of creative communications. Quark has provided award-winning software for professional publishers since its flagship product, QuarkXPress, changed the course of traditional publishing. Denver-based Quark Inc. is privately held.


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