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Advertising Agency Arc en Ciel Uses QuarkXPress Server for its Dynamic Publishing Platform

Based in Rodez (Aveyron, France), advertising agency Arc en Ciel is the first regional advertising agency to adopt a dynamic publishing solution based on QuarkXPress Server and Stepnet Ingénierie’s technology.

PARIS - 9/9/2008 -

Quark Inc. announced today that the full-service (print, Web, and video) advertising agency Arc en Ciel, based in the South of France, has chosen QuarkXPress Server and Stepnet Ingénierie’s SmartPublish technology to set up a dynamic publishing platform, Toguna, to cater to its customers’ requirements for simultaneous communication on multiple media platforms.

A Move Towards Dynamic Publishing

“Over the past few months, we’ve been looking for the solution that would let our clients use a Web site to work remotely on the layouts we create,” explained Jean–Marc Couillard, Managing Director of Arc en Ciel. “Our clients want innovative solutions: simpler management of copy and visuals, secure data transfers, instant layout approval, and the possibility of easily exporting print materials for use online.”

“Above all, we were looking for a long-term dynamic publishing solution developed by a well established firm,” added Ludovic Martin, Project Leader at Arc en Ciel. “Naturally, we approached Quark, the world leader in this field.”.

“Quark quickly understood our needs and brought in their partner, Stepnet Ingénierie, who develops a Web server interface for QuarkXPress Server. This modular solution was immediately appealing. On the one hand, SmartPublish lets our clients access our layouts directly through a standard Web browser without having to install any additional software on their workstations. On the other hand, SmartPublish exploits the power of QuarkXPress Server to the full and lets our graphic designers develop Interactive layouts without having to change their working methods. And SmartPublish is one of the few solutions that can manage multi-channel solutions: print, PDF and Web.”

Keeping Pace with Market Developments

Arc en Ciel’s objective is to revolutionize its approach to editorial projects by involving clients more closely in the document production process. “The communications industry is undergoing a major change: deadlines are getting shorter, the requirements for price and quality are increasingly stringent, and information workflows ever more complex,” said Jean-Marc Couillard. “The role of the advertising agency is changing — we are becoming experts capable of managing information workflows to optimize project progress and to simplify the lives of our clients.”

“As soon as several people (copywriters, photographers, illustrators) are involved in a project with short deadlines at different levels, advertisers need to look at dynamic publishing solutions,” explained Jean-Paul Rigal, CEO of Stepnet Ingénierie. "The major advantage of associating SmartPublish with QuarkXPress Server is that it removes the distance barrier, something that is essential if you are an agency like Arc en Ciel working in the middle of the Aveyron, in rural France. Layout approval processes are now managed online using secure processes that guarantee confidentiality because they can only be accessed by the project leader.”

Today with Toguna, Arc en Ciel has adopted an innovative tool to cater to ever evolving communication needs. “Crédit Agricole Nord Midi-Pyrénées Bank has already chosen to use Toguna for its information magazine,” added Jean-Marc Couillard.

About Stepnet Ingénierie

Stepnet Ingénierie is a French software manufacturer specialising in content management. Established in 2000, Stepnet Ingénierie aims for market solutions that are quick to deploy and easy to use. In particular, Stepnet Ingénierie has developed SmartPublish, a Web server that interfaces with QuarkXPress Server to provide simple and secure access to pages designed in QuarkXPress. Today, SmartPublish is being used by international advertising agencies and major CAC40 companies. www.stepnet.fr

About Arc en Ciel

Founded in 1986, Arc en Ciel is a full-service (print, Web and video) advertising agency based in Millau in Rodez (Aveyron, France). This mid-sized team offers a range of communications services, including graphic design, pre-press, Web and video design. Arc en Ciel has always anticipated major industry trends, from acquiring the first graphic workstations to creating secure PDF workflows, to digital video and FOGRA certification of its graphic-production process. Arc en Ciel works for clients including local authorities, banks such as the Crédit Agricole NMP, and small- and medium-sized industrial companies. www.studio-arc-en-ciel.com; www.toguna.info

About Quark

Quark, Inc. (euro.quark.com/en) provides desktop publishing and dynamic publishing software that helps customers design and publish richly designed communications across a broad spectrum of media. Two decades ago, our flagship product, QuarkXPress®, changed the course of traditional publishing. Today, not only does QuarkXPress continue to innovate in the desktop publishing market, Quark is now revolutionizing publishing again with Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution — helping customers cost-effectively meet enterprise-scale publishing challenges by extending the benefits of advanced technologies across the publishing process. Denver, Colorado based Quark, Inc. is privately held.