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Quark Introduces QuarkXPress 2017 – Raising the Bar for Modern Design Software

Special Pre-Order Promotions Offer Designers Low Upgrade Prices and the Chance to Buy QuarkXPress 2016 to Get QuarkXPress 2017 Free

Denver, CO - 3/1/2017 - Quark introduced today QuarkXPress 2017, the next major release of Quark’s fully-integrated graphic design and layout software for professional print and digital production. Coming in the second quarter of this year, QuarkXPress 2017 raises the bar for design, productivity, efficiency, and output quality. Designers can look forward to the addition of even more wish list features, enhanced text and typography functionality, new graphics and image editing capabilities, continued digital publishing innovation, and Quark’s lifetime licensing model.

“QuarkXPress 2017 represents Quark’s passion for graphic design and our commitment to delivering the best possible software to our customers,” said Matthias Guenther, Director of the QuarkXPress Business Unit. “Our team has worked around the clock to implement new features our customers have requested as well as innovative new functionality that saves designers time and costs.”

Martin Turner, publishing expert, book author, and pre-release tester, said, “This year, QuarkXPress 2017 introduces a set of image manipulation controls that effectively end the back-and-forth required between software applications. For users who are still stuck with page layout software that can’t directly manipulate images, QuarkXPress 2017 presents a compelling reason to switch.”

What’s New in QuarkXPress 2017
The new features and functionality designers will find in QuarkXPress 2017 fall into four major categories: images and vectors, typography and text, customer wish list items, and digital publishing. For more details, please visit www.quark.com/2017.

Images and Vectors: QuarkXPress already provides Bezier editing so designers can remain in one application for page layout and vector drawing. With the new image editing features it’s now possible to stay in QuarkXPress to perfect images too. Here are the highlights of the new image and vector capabilities:

  • Non-destructive Image Editing
  • Transparency Blend Modes
  • New Shape Tools
  • Enhancements to Multicolor Gradients
  • Item Format Painter
Text and Typography: QuarkXPress has always provided powerful typographic tools such as the still unmatched ability to apply horizontal AND vertical kerning as well as editing kerning pairs. QuarkXPress 2017 adds powerful new possibilities:
  • Text Stroking
  • Text Shading
  • Column Spanning
  • Column Splitting
  • Smart Quotes
Wish List Items: It is standard practice for Quark to implement the most frequently user-requested features into QuarkXPress. Many of the following features were developed for QuarkXPress 2017 based on customer feedback:
  • Enhancements to Convert to Native Objects
  • Adaptive Layout Conversion for Print
  • UI Enhancements on Mac and Windows
  • Cursor Key Increments/Decrements
  • Non-breaking Text Attribute
  • Merge Text Boxes
  • Line Between Columns
  • Proportional Leading
  • Enhanced Word Import
  • Most Recent Fonts
Digital Publishing: QuarkXPress is optimised to export high-quality output to a variety of print and digital output formats such as certified PDF/X4, ePUB3 (eBooks), HTML5 Publications (flipbooks), and even mobile apps (AppStudio). New features bring even more power and flexibility to digital publishing from QuarkXPress, including:
  • “Unlimited”* Free iOS Single Apps Creation
  • Adaptive Layout Conversion for Digital
  • Responsive HTML5 Publications
System Requirements
QuarkXPress 2016 and 2017 support the newest three operating systems from both MacOS and Windows. Please note that QuarkXPress 2017 may work on older operating systems, however these are not supported or tested by Quark.

Mac: Yosemite (OS X 10.10), El Capitan (OS X 10.11), and Sierra (MacOS 10.12)
Windows: Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 (64 bit only, with latest updates)

Special QuarkXPress 2017 Pre-Order Offers
From March 1, 2017 until QuarkXPress 2017 is officially available, Quark is offering special pre-order offers. With the Buy QuarkXPress 2016, Get QuarkXPress 2017 offer, users who purchase a full new license ($849) or upgrade to QuarkXPress 2016 from any version 3-10 ($349) or 2015 ($179) now will receive a free copy of QuarkXPress 2017 when it becomes available. Quark is also offering current QuarkXPress 2016 users to preorder a QuarkXPress 2017 upgrade for only $179. These offers do not apply to educational licenses. To learn more and read the full terms and conditions or the FAQ visit www.quark.com/2017.
To take advantage of the special offers please visit the Quark Store, contact the Quark Telesales Team, or work with an Authorised Reseller.

*The app creation functionality is subject to certain restrictions. Please see the QuarkXPress End User License Agreement for full details.

About QuarkXPress
QuarkXPress is graphic design and page layout software used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world who value quality and performance in their daily production of print and digital products. Built on a 64-bit architecture with uniquely innovative features, QuarkXPress has surpassed the competition as the most modern and efficient design software on the market today. Learn more about QuarkXPress 2017, the next new version of QuarkXPress: www.quark.com/2017.

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