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Quark Software Inc. Partners with Global Publishing Solutions Ltd. (GPSL)

GPSL to Work Closely with Quark as a Systems Integrator for Quark’s XML and Structured Authoring Solutions including Quark Author and Quark XML Author

Denver, CO - 1/15/2015 - Quark Software Inc. announced today its partnership with Global Publishing Solutions Ltd. (GPSL), a systems integrator specialising in advanced publishing solutions for STM (scientific, technical and medical), legal, governmental, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and financial services environments. GPSL will work with clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia to implement Quark solutions for XML and structured authoring, including Quark AuthorTM Web Edition and Quark XML AuthorTM.

Global Publishing Solutions Ltd. (GPSL)
The GPSL team is made up of established experts in publishing and structured authoring who help companies re-engineer their publishing processes. They identify, integrate and train publishers on the most cost-effective solutions for making improvements, primarily through the implementation of workflows based on structured content. Structured content is content created with XML that can be authored, managed, searched and reused more efficiently than content trapped in output-specific formatting.

Adopting XML and Structured Content
Traditionally, implementing structured content workflows has meant the expensive installation of new publishing engines that require authors to understand the complexities of XML. This has deterred many organizations from adopting structured content. To overcome this roadblock, Quark Software developed Quark Author and Quark XML Author, two XML authoring tools that allow writers to create structured content in familiar word processor-like authoring environments, whether through a Web-based interface or as a plug-in to Microsoft Word.

Lawrie Stevens, CEO, Global Publishing Solutions Ltd., said, “In today’s market we are experiencing an increase in opportunities to work with companies that want to adopt structured authoring but require solutions that are easy to deploy, learn and maintain. Quark Software is the ideal partner for these opportunities. Our geographic and technical alignment will benefit corporate clients who want to improve their processes for creating and managing high-value content.”
John Friske, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Services for Quark Software Inc., said, “The key to Quark’s partnership with Global Publishing Solutions Ltd. is that our teams understand structured authoring is going mainstream. Together we have the solutions and expertise to help non-technical writers and corporate publishers around the world easily create content that can be managed and reused without constant rework.”

XML for Non-technical Writers
Many XML authoring solutions are well-suited for organisations that create highly-technical documentation written by XML experts. However, these solutions are too complicated in cases where content is being produced by non-technical writers, such as state and local governments, journal publishers, marketing agencies and financial services firms. To find out more about structured content solutions for non-XML experts, please visit:

Quark Software Inc.: http://www.quark.com
Global Publishing Solutions Ltd.: http://gpsl.co/
Quark Author: http://www.quark.com/QuarkAuthor
Quark XML Author: http://www.quark.com/Products/Quark_XML_Author/
The Beginner’s Guide to Smart Content eBook: www.quark.com/smartcontent

About Quark Software Inc.
Quark’s software enables organisations of all sizes to meet customer demand for engaging, relevant communications when, where and how they want them. Our solutions combine the power of XML with flexible layout and design to automate the delivery of customer communications to print, Web, and interactive experiences on the latest digital devices. Financial services firms, manufacturers and governments around the world rely on Quark solutions to elevate customer communications to new levels, reduce time to market and lower costs.

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