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Designers Test QuarkXPress 10.2, Experience Significant Performance Improvements

Pre-release Testers Find QuarkXPress 10.2 Delivers on the Speed and Image Display Quality Promised with Xenon Graphics Engine; Confirm QuarkXPress 10.2 is Faster than Previous Versions

Denver, CO - 7/30/2014 - Today Quark Software Inc. announced QuarkXPress® 10.2, a new update to QuarkXPress 10 that addresses performance and output issues reported by customers. Prior to its release, Quark asked customers to test the 10.2 update for speed, image display quality, output and overall performance. Customers who pre-tested QuarkXPress 10.2 found output issues have been solved and the new Xenon Graphics Engine delivers on increased speed and improved image display quality.

Sample QuarkXPress 10.2 reviews and from pre-release testers around the world:

“I’m loving 10.2. It’s much more stable than previous versions of QuarkXPress 10 and faster than version 9. The major performance and output issues have been addressed and the image preview is great. 10.2 is now my production tool of choice!” – Peter Loader, Owner, Omega Graphix, Australia

"Version 10.2 is not only much faster than previous versions of QuarkXPress 10 but even slightly faster than version 9. Thanks to the new graphics engine, version 10.2 shows excellent previews of imported images and illustrations and is therefore once again the most convenient, fastest and best application for long document production with lots of text and images. And thanks to the new architecture it is ready for the coming years.” – Johannes Steil, Graphic Designer, Steil Gestaltung & Typographie, Germany

“The new version 10.2 of QuarkXPress is fast and all of the major issues have been addressed. It performs well and the colour management works very well.” – Glade G. Schroeter, Graphic Designer, USA

“10.2 is tremendously better than the previous release. So far I have tested it on two magazines, both 44 pages with lots of high-resolution pictures. I have tried to break it, but have had no problems. The workflow is back again!” – Niels Høegh, Typographer, Høegh Partners, Norway

“The new release of QuarkXPress 10.2 appears to be fast and stable. The performance issues experienced in previous versions have now been comprehensively addressed. There are some pleasing new features which enhance the experience and aid productivity – but without the necessity of a major learning curve. I have to say that initially I was a bit concerned about the loss of the ‘Modify’ item option but now I’m getting used to using the enhanced ‘Measurements’ palette I’m finding it quite convenient and intuitive!” – Barry Tucker, Graphic Designer, The Creative Mix, UK

"QuarkXPress 10.2 is a major speed improvement over previous versions. Boxes snapping to position relative to other elements in a project is a welcome new feature and a real time saver!" – Rick Lupert, Graphic and Web Designer, USA

“I was very disappointed by QuarkXPress 10.1, as it didn’t give me the performance I was used to with QuarkXPress 9. Version 10.2 is the complete opposite – fast, even faster than version 9. And while it displays images faster, 10.2 also shows previews of images and illustrations in a much better quality than previous versions with the ability to zoom to 8000 percent. Also, all output issues I experienced with 10.1 are now solved. Not a single crash and I am thrilled. My personal reasons for using QuarkXPress are the new smart guides that complement the advantages of optical kerning, conditional styles and perfect hyphenation methods for all languages. QuarkXPress is back.” – Thomas Schürger, Editor and Layout Artist, Germany

“We’re in the newspaper business and speed of production is very important to us. QuarkXPress 10.2 not only fulfills those needs, but also improves the way we are able to preview and evaluate our work. Even small things make me happy, like the new AppleScript functionality to export a QuarkXPress document as an image file. With this feature we can increases the efficiency of our workflows even more." – Paul Janssen, Managing Director, Bocholter Report, Germany

Download QuarkXPress 10.2
The QuarkXPress 10.2 update is available through the Auto Updater in QuarkXPress 10 or can be downloaded here: http://www.quark.com/Support/Downloads/. The QuarkXPress 10 30-day Test Drive has been reset so that everyone is able to trial QuarkXPress 10.2. Download the Test Drive here: http://www.quark.com/Products/QuarkXPress/Test_Drive.aspx.

Find out about the updated performance improvements and brand new collaboration and productivity features in QuarkXPress 10.2 here.

Learn more about QuarkXPress 10 here: http://www.quark.com/10.

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