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PressRun Launches, First Customer to Follow

San Francisco and London - 11/9/2010 - *Editorial Note: PressRun is now App Studio.

We’re proud to announce the availability of PressRun, the tablet publishing platform from Mobile IQ.

With the announcement of our first customer to follow shortly, the first release of PressRun is now available to publishers to help make the most of the opportunity offered by tablet devices.

The product features a tablet ‘client’ that sits on the device which can be branded and customized to offer the perfect ‘lean-back’ experience to the reader.

It offers the ability to view content in portrait and landscape and render the vast majority of textual content as, ‘text’. This results in smaller file sizes that are on average one quarter, to one tenth the size of other magazines which saves space, increases performance, and allows users to download issues on-the-go.

The system integrates with multiple content sources. From popular desktop publishing platforms, to CMS (Content Management System) platforms. Once issues are created, they are easily managed via a web-based ‘flat-plan’ and distribution system, which is included as part of the product.

Paul Danter, CMO, Mobile IQ, said “We spent much time focusing on the user experience of the reader, ensuring magazine reading would be intuitive, enjoyable and familiar while still utilizing the key benefits of the tablet platform – namely adding interactivity. We then looked at how painful it is for publishers, and built a workflow that can be employed seamlessly with existing production processes. And critically, one which doesn’t require any proprietary software lock-in or purchase. It’s still tough in the publishing industry and while this evolving market is promising, we want to help publishers embrace it while mitigating risk.”

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