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Digital Publishing Drives Quark Revenue in Q1 2012

Denver, CO - 6/26/2012 - Quark announced today that in the first quarter of 2012 the company generated an increase in overall revenue year-over-year. The increase can be attributed to success in digital publishing, notably through sales of QuarkXPress® and Quark App StudioTM. The ease of transitioning to digital design and an accessible pricing structure are driving commercial, enterprise, and media publishers to choose Quark solutions to create magazines, newspapers, catalogues, financial reports, product guides, manuals, and more for the iPad. A selection of apps created with App Studio can be found in Quark’s App Showcase .

In addition to continued success in digital publishing, Quark launched its first cloud solution in Q1 2012. Quark Brand Manager, built on Windows Azure, empowers marketing teams to access and collaborate on brand controlled collateral anytime, anywhere. Quark Brand Manager is ideal for distributed sales teams, especially financial services and manufacturing organisations that must create highly targeted, regional collateral or update collateral frequently. For more information, visit http://www.quarkbrandmanager.com/. 

Additional achievements and highlights from the quarter:
  • Richard Brandt, Quark’s director of financial services, received the 2011 RIXML.org Leadership Award for his role as the Chair of the Emerging Technology Working Group for RIXML.org 
  • Mark Lewis, Quark’s resident DITA expert, hosted the DITA Summit at Intelligent Content 2012 and spoke at DITA North America
  • Jabber magazine, Quark’s iPad magazine for creative professionals, introduced a second issue focused on the education market
  • An update to QuarkXPress was made available that added new ePub features, ePub 3 audio and video support, and more options for App Studio
  • Launched new enterprise relationships and projects with a number of clients including the Department of Energy, DePersgroep, EPI_Recursos, Harstad Tidende Gruppen, Hersant Media, Horner Brothers Printers, Jornal de Angola, Louis Vuitton, PAR Pharmaceutical, Recruit Media Communications, Repro Ludwig Prepress, and UTC Electronic Controls.

About Quark
Founded in Denver in 1981, Quark’s vision was to create software that would lay the foundation for modern publishing. For 30 years, Quark has delivered on that promise. Quark’s dynamic publishing solutions are setting new standards in automated cross-media publishing by combining the power of XML with flexible layout and design to automate the delivery of customised, intelligent communications across print, the Web, and digital media.

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