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VIEW Magazine on the iPad Brings Photography to Life

FusionLab, Inc. Chooses QuarkXPress 9 and App Studio to Create iPad Apps; Agency Founder Says Quality of Output, Support, and Price Sustainability Set Quark Solution Apart

Denver, CO - 4/26/2012 - Quark announced today that FusionLab, Inc., a full-service visual design studio based in New York, is using QuarkXPress® 9 and App StudioTM to produce VIEW magazine for the iPad. VIEW is a portfolio-style review of talented but mostly unknown photographers from around the world who are passionate about creating non-commercial photography. The first issue of VIEW is currently available as a free download on the iTunes store: http://itunes.apple.com/US/app/view-magazine/id422061173?mt=8.   

VIEW is curated by FusionLab, Inc. founder Alon Koppel who envisioned an iPad app featuring the work of photographers who shoot simple street scenes, landscapes, and the world and people around them. The iPad magazine is an avenue for what Koppel calls “boring” photography – no fashion, no nudity, no sunsets, and very little black and white. “As we designed iPad apps for our clients, we were inspired to bring to life the photography we are most passionate about. The iPad lends itself so well to viewing pictures, so we set out to discover and showcase the work of unknown photographers while building an app that highlights our skills as designers and our love of photography.”

The team at FusionLab is well-aware of the options for creating iPad apps – from the intense process of iOS programming to using solutions from Adobe Systems. In fact, the team initially created VIEW using a beta solution from Adobe but, as a small design studio, couldn’t afford it once they had to transition to the full commercial version. After researching solutions for digital publishing, Koppel chose QuarkXPress 9 and App Studio for the ongoing production of VIEW. 

Koppel said, “From a purely economic perspective, QuarkXPress 9 with App Studio is a lot more affordable than the option from Adobe. But just as important is the quality of output. With QuarkXPress and App Studio we can build really beautiful layouts that flow dynamically when displayed on the iPad. I like that when you land on or advance to a page in an app created with App Studio, it’s always sharp – others are flat, no dimension. There are a couple other options out there at either higher or lower prices but once you output it’s very much like you are reading a PDF – flattened pages with links on top. That was not what we wanted for VIEW.” 

Each issue of VIEW exhibits a wide variety of topics and styles, including “Projects,” a section that highlights long-term assignments, “While You Were Away,” a section that explores a different place of conflict in the world through the unique perspective of people on the ground, and “Overview” which includes an information-graphic map displaying stats about each issue’s contributors. The first issue of VIEW is available on the iTunes store and is free. Readers can opt into a one-year subscription for $3.99. http://itunes.apple.com/US/app/view-magazine/id422061173?mt=8 

About FusionLab, Inc.
FusionLab specialises in visual communications for mobile media and the web. FusionLab loves information design and the challenge of making visual communication beautiful and simple. FusionLab conceptualises from the ground up or works as consultants, developing a range of projects for themselves and their clients. FusionLab clients include The Joan Mitchell Foundation, The New York Landmarks Conservancy, Conde Nast, The Municipal Art Society of New York, Kenneth Noland, Architectural Digest, The Authors Guild, Thomson Reuters, Montefiore Hospital, and The Economist Intelligence Unit. FusionLab apps include VIEW, image/words, and Antique ABCs.

About Quark
Founded in Denver in 1981, Quark’s vision was to create software that would lay the foundation for modern publishing. For 30 years, Quark has delivered on that promise. Quark’s dynamic publishing solutions are setting new standards in automated cross-media publishing by combining the power of XML with flexible layout and design to automate the delivery of customised, intelligent communications across print, the Web, and digital media.

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