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Ad Giants Powers Advanced Web-based Marketing Solution with Quark Web-to-Print System

DENVER - 9/21/2010 - Quark announced today that Ad Giants (www.adgiants.com), a Dallas, Texas-based leader in marketing technology, is using Quark Web-to-Print System to power the ONE System. The ONE System is a Web-based marketing system that can be customised for each of Ad Giants’ customer’s unique marketing needs. Primarily designed for franchised or decentralised organisations and advertising and marketing agencies, the Web-based software lets marketing professionals quickly find, customise, and order print materials such as ads and brochures. The system is designed to streamline production workflow processes while protecting a company’s brand.

“We integrated QuarkXPress and Quark Web-to-Print System into the ONE System because both technologies allow our client base to create templates using their preferred tool, while enabling users with no previous design experience to customise templates for their particular location or business requirements through the Web,” said David Farmer, Ad Giants Founder and CEO.

The ONE System allows:

  • Professionally designed templates to be accessed from an intuitive user interface that controls brand integrity while allowing for a significant degree of customisation
  • Field offices and remote users to access approved advertising and marketing materials on-the-fly

Resulting in:

  • Significant decreases in time-to-market by reducing the man-hours required for versioning and internal marketing approval processes by 50 percent
  • Savings of up to 75 percent by eliminating the need for costly versioning and asset management processes

For more about Ad Giants’ use of Quark Web-to-Print System and the success of the ONE System, read the complete case study.

To hear about more about how corporate marketing departments and advertising agencies are having success with Quark Web-to-Print System, join Quark and special guest for an eSeminar on 22nd September 2010.

What: Increase Client Loyalty and Revenue with Online Services
Day: Wednesday, 22nd September 2010
Time: 3pm BST | 4pm CEST Register
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Quark Web-to-Print System
Quark Web-to-Print System is an easy-to-deploy, highly configurable solution that lets anyone customise design-rich documents using a Web browser. It offers companies the ability to give sales and field staff, partners, and other remote users the ability to easily create customised versions of marketing materials, while protecting brand elements such as logos, layout, colours, and fonts. It powers the direct editing capabilities within the ONE System, as well as the highly customisable e-commerce-style user interface.

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