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Quark XML Author Offers Support for PUBS-XML

Quark Brings the Intelligence Community a COTS Solution that Allows Any Microsoft Word User to Begin Authoring Intelligence Community Standard (ICS) for Publication Documents and Metadata

DENVER - 3/27/2009 - Quark® XML Author 3.0, the authoring tool that allows users to create XML content easily within Microsoft Word, now supports intelligence standards including PUBS-XML, CAPCO, and ISM with Quark XML Author MSP Accelerator 3.0. Quark XML Author MSP Accelerator 3.0 allows intelligence analysts located around the world to leverage Quark XML Author to create structured, secure, and encoded content in Microsoft Word with little or no training.

Quark XML Author 3.0 for Microsoft Word is a COTS solution that allows users to create XML documents without seeing tags, being constrained to boxes, or being aware of the technical complexities associated with XML. With Quark XML MSP Accelerator 3.0, Quark XML Author allows for XML encoding for classification, declassification, handling, and dissemination and readies the content for delivery to HTML, Wiki, PDF, and RTF formats. The combined solutions are:

-- Certified and deployed on JWICS and SIPRNET, allowing for immediate rollout to meet the ICD 501 directive and Library of National Intelligence submission requirements
-- Compliant with PUBS-XML (IC MSP 4.1.1 and ISM 2.1) and CAPCO intelligence standards, removing the need for custom development
-- Available with Open Extensibility Interface, offering fast integration to S&T DBMS, media and imagery repositories, dirty word identifier applications, and encryption products

In addition to the functionality that the Quark XML Author MSP Accelerator 3.0 offers, Quark XML Author 3.0 includes advanced features, such as:

-- Support for XML Author in Word 2007
-- New ‘Source Group’ referencing model
-- NIPF subject codes including topic, subtopic, country, and non-state actor codes
-- New inline descriptive elements
-- Footnotes and endnotes
-- Enhanced validation of LNI compliance rules

“It is critical that analysts in the intelligence community are empowered to create and share structured content easily and without an arduous implementation process,” said John Friske, general manager of XML products for Quark. “Quark XML Author and its MSP Accelerator are compliant, off-the-shelf solutions that allow analysts to deliver document and content-level metadata, and apply proper security to all aspects of the document with minimal disruption to the current Microsoft Word based authoring and vetting processes - both within and external to an organization.”

Quark is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, recipient of the Office Solution Builder Grand Prize, and Member of the Microsoft Office 14 Developer Advisory Council.

To learn more about Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word, please visit: http://dynamicpublishing.quark.com/xml_author.

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