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Local Governments Vote for QuarkXPress 8

A year after its official release, QuarkXPress 8 is firmly installed at the heart of local governments — proof of its ability to provide clear, precise solutions to communications needs.

PARIS - 5/27/2009 - Quark today announced that French local governments — city halls, general and regional councils — have once again demonstrated their confidence in QuarkXPress® with their upgrade to QuarkXPress 8.

Launched in May 2008, QuarkXPress 8 enables designers to work faster with fewer clicks thanks to a modern, intuitive interface designed specifically for the purpose of professional page layout. QuarkXPress 8 includes built-in Web and Flash® authoring tools as well as rich typographic features and global publishing capabilities. In less than a year, customers worldwide have unanimously recognized that this new version is one of the most important ever released and that it has improved their productivity from day one, as demonstrated in a comparative study published in May 2008 by the independent firm Pfeiffer Consulting (http://8.quark.com/fr/pfeiffer_report.html).

QuarkXPress 8: THE Answer to Communications Needs
Today, local governments face the same challenges as commercial organizations: to communicate both in print and online, and to do so faster, at lower cost, and increasingly at the high quality the voting public demands. For many years, Quark has been able to call upon its exceptional expertise in page layout and design to provide local government communications departments with an intuitive and reliable application for producing printed documents. With QuarkXPress 8, not only is local government able to exploit an even more productive layout environment with enhanced design capabilities for print, it can also take existing print design skills and content and easily leverage it for Web and Flash delivery, giving voters an even richer engagement.

A Unanimous Vote
"I am delighted to have given the Castelginest Town Hall communications department a tool which is both effective in terms of results and powerful in terms of ease of use. QuarkXPress 8 favors intuitive, high-quality work," said Grégoire Carneiro, Mayor of Castelginest in the Haute-Garonne region of France (www.mairie-castelginest.fr).

This is an opinion shared by numerous local government organizations, including Issenheim Town Hall (Haut-Rhin, www.issenheim.mairie.com) and the town of Lingolsheim (www.lingolsheim.fr) in the Strasbourg urban district. The commune of Massy (Essonne) explains, through its communications department: "For us, QuarkXPress 8 is a powerful tool which is essential to produce our weekly and monthly municipal publications." These two publications, “Massy L’Hebdo” and “Massy Ma Ville,” both with a distribution of 20,000 copies, are also available free of charge in PDF format on the Town website (www.ville-massy.fr).

Solutions to Meet Local Government Needs
For many years, Quark has also provided editorial workflow solutions that meet the different challenges faced by local government communications departments. Recently, Millau Town Hall chose to use a publishing platform based on QuarkXPress Server for its quarterly magazine “Millavoix,” distributed to all voters in the commune. "Without the TOGUNA* platform, we would never have been able to produce this magazine in such a short time, and with such demanding graphical requirements," states Pierre-Emmanuel Parais, Communications director for Millau Town Hall (www.millau.fr).

More and more local government authorities rely on dynamic publishing solutions based on Quark® technology to edit and review their documents online, centralize and repurpose content, and personalize publications on demand while having the reassurance of secure processes.

Gildas Duval, Quark Sales Director for Southern Europe, stated, "Local governments must face the same challenges as private companies — delivering accurate information, tailored for their voters and in ever more varied formats beyond just print. With QuarkXPress 8, Quark again demonstrates its ability to adapt and its innovative ability to meet new challenges."

*: TOGUNA is a platform implemented by Stepnet, a systems integrator.

About Quark
Quark Inc. (www.quark.com) provides desktop publishing and dynamic publishing software that help customers design and publish richly designed communications across a broad spectrum of media. Two decades ago, our flagship product — QuarkXPress — changed the course of traditional publishing. Today, not only does QuarkXPress continue to innovate and offer the best in the desktop publishing market to its users — now Quark is revolutionizing publishing again with Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution, helping customers cost-effectively meet enterprise-scale publishing challenges by extending the benefits of advanced technologies across the publishing process. Denver-based Quark Inc. is privately held.

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