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Leading Swedish Regional Newspaper Group upgrades 170 Licenses to QuarkXPress 8

Hallpressen produces first of its nine regional newspapers in QuarkXPress 8

LONDON - 5/6/2009 -

Quark Inc. today announced that Hallpressen, one of Sweden’s leading regional newspaper groups, has chosen to upgrade over 170 licenses to QuarkXPress® 8 across its nine newspapers. Hallpressen, the newspaper division of Herenco AB Group, has an impressive reach across southern Sweden with over 330, 000 readers on a daily basis, which represents seven out of ten inhabitants in the region. The daily newspaper, Värnamo-Nyheter, is the first Swedish newspaper to be produced in QuarkXPress 8 and the group aims to roll out QuarkXPress 8 across the remaining eight newspapers over the coming months.

"We are constantly looking to reduce costs while increasing quality and efficiency, which was a key reason we chose QuarkXPress 8 - its redefined workflow increases users’ productivity, efficiency, and return on investment," explains Johansson. "This is extremely evident in the redesigned user interface, which takes existing tools and expands their functionality in an intuitive way to make the user instantly more efficient at day-to-day tasks. All of these improvements mean that our users can now work faster and smarter, which is extremely important in a busy newspaper environment."

QuarkXPress 8 now seamlessly integrates with Hallpressen’s new editorial workflow system, Newspilot from Infomaker, which was another key reason for their decision to upgrade. Infomaker is one of Scandinavia's leading system integrators for newspaper and media companies and develops and delivers software, consulting, and training.

"Infomaker sees QuarkXPress 8 as a big step forward for the newspaper industry. We are happy that we have a strong and close relationship with Quark and are pleased to offer full integration with our NewsPilot editorial workflow system," said Peter Månsson, managing director Infomaker Scandinavia. "These are challenging times for the newspaper industry and Hallpressen required a system that would offer a significant return on investment and provide the tools to help it streamline publishing processes, reduce costs, and increase overall efficiency - that is why they chose QuarkXPress 8 and NewsPilot."

"As long time users of QuarkXPress, we didn’t even consider switching to any other application. The cost of switching is too much especially in the current economic climate and with the existing knowledgebase of the application within the organisation, it simply didn’t make sense. We have always used QuarkXPress and have been happy with it, so why change," said Christer Johansson, CIO Hallpressen. "The entire implementation process has been extremely painless and we were up and running within a very short space of time. Our staff required a minimal amount of training because they have been using QuarkXPress for many years and this familiarity really helped to ease the transition."

"The newspaper industry is facing a very tough time and in an increasingly competitive environment, reducing costs and improving productivity are essential for survival. Quark has demonstrated with QuarkXPress 8 that it remains committed to providing solutions that will streamline publishing processes and increase overall efficiency for our customers," said Matthew Wallis, Quark senior vice president of sales in Europe and Africa.

About Quark

Quark Inc. (euro.quark.com/en) led the first revolution in publishing with QuarkXPress®, desktop publishing software that rapidly became the industry standard. Today, not only does QuarkXPress continue to innovate in the desktop publishing market, Quark is revolutionising publishing again. With Quark® Dynamic Publishing Solution, we are helping customers meet changing requirements and develop new revenue streams by extending the benefits of advanced technologies across the publishing process. Our dynamic publishing solution is setting a new standard in automated multi-channel publishing by combining the power of flexible layout and design with easy XML authoring and automated workflows for customised communications across print, the Web and electronic media.

About Hallpressen AB

Hallpressen (www.hallpressen.se) is a local media company with operations in Småland and Västergötland. Their aim is to provide over 320,000 readers with an essential mix of information and advertising in its nine local newspapers. Hallpressen is one of five business divisions in the Herenco Group, a privately owned company with a registered office in Jönköping and a total turnover of 2300 million SEK.

About Infomaker

Infomaker (www.infomaker.se) is one of Scandinavia’s leading partners for newspaper and media companies. The software solutions of the company include Pickup for managing ads and images, XLibris® for archiving articles, pages and images and Newspilot® for editorial work. Infomaker serves more than 110 newspapers in Sweden and Norway and Finland.

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