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Trade union ver.di to publish its PUBLIK members' newspaper with Quark Publishing System 8

One of the largest independent individual trade unions in the world will use the latest version of the Quark editorial workflow system for the production of its newspaper.

HAMBURG, GERMANY - 2/12/2009 -

Quark Inc. announced today that ver.di, one of the largest independent trade unions in the world, will produce its PUBLIK members' newspaper using Quark Publishing System® (QPS) 8. ver.di will upgrade from its successful seven-year run using QPS to the latest version of the Quark editorial workflow system.

In its role as a Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (united services union), ver.di supports employees in more than 1,000 occupations in the service, media, cultural, and educational sectors. Since its founding date of 2002, the PUBLIK members' newspaper has been distributed nine times per year to a current member base of 2.3 million, reaching 3.5 million people according to reader surveys. PUBLIK contains regional-specific content and technical inserts. The four-colour newspaper works with design elements used in modern magazine journalism, which makes it stand out from other member newspapers. PUBLIK is visually attractive and features professional journalistic quality, providing information about society, the economy, politics, and culture in addition to its labour-related topics. Designers aim to garner attention with the newspaper’s colourful and varied design, without letting it be seen as a boulevard paper.

The newspaper’s editorial staff already have extensive experience working with QPS.

"The great advantage of QPS is its simplicity; it is very user friendly", said Petra Welzel, duty editor at ver.di PUBLIK. "QPS 8 opens up many more opportunities, such as access to layout pages via the Web Hub, the QPS 8 Web editor. In this age of increasing globalisation, QPS 8 makes it even easier to work on the production of a newspaper simultaneously at different locations compared to previous versions. It allows for an additional streamlining of many workflow processes and ensures that all aspects remain up to date at all times."

Editorial staff benefit from the complete functionality of QuarkXPress® 8 und QuarkCopyDesk® 8 in their day-to-day work. "Due to the compatibility of QPS 8 with QuarkXPress 8 and QuarkCopyDesk 8, we now have access to a large number of creative layout functions, which allow us to design ver.di PUBLIK in a contemporary and even more reader-friendly manner," said Welzel.

The ability to use content multiple times, for example for several print publications or for print and Web media, is currently an important aspect for ver.di, and the editorial team would like to simplify this multiple use of content with QPS 8.

Axel R. Paesike, director sales and services at Quark Central Europe, is pleased that the successful partnership is being continued: "By choosing QPS 8, ver.di has selected the most flexible and easy-to-use editorial workflow system currently available on the market. We are happy to see that by choosing QPS 8, a modern newspaper-editing department such as the one at ver.di PUBLIK has demonstrated that our software fully meets both the creative as well as organisational publishing requirements of today."

For more information regarding QPS 8, QuarkCopyDesk 8, or the entire portfolio of enterprise solutions, see the Quark Web site at http://dynamicpublishing.quark.com/en/qps/. To obtain more information about QuarkXPress 8, visit the Quark main pages at http://8.quark.com/en.

About ver.di
With approximately 2.3 million members, ver.di is one of the largest independent individual trade unions in the world. As a multi-service trade union, ver.di looks after people employed in over 1,000 different trades and professions in the service, media, cultural, and educational sectors.

About Quark
Quark Inc. (euro.quark.com/en) is an innovative software company providing design, production, and collaboration solutions that are transforming the business of creative communications. Quark has provided award-winning software for professional publishers since its flagship product, QuarkXPress, changed the course of traditional publishing. Denver-based Quark Inc. is privately held.


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